Did you know that you spell it with 2 “d’s” instead of Patty with “t’s” because Patty is short for Patricia? Huh. Anyway, we got to spend the holiday weekend with Grant’s uncle Jim and his ’69 Chevy convertible in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Denver. He’s been riding this car in the […]

We run a little bible study. It’s called Christ on the Couch. And every Sunday night, 15-20 college students show up to the house, kick their shoes off, and pile on the big brown couch, grab a pillow on the floor, or even Skype in (right Megan?!)  I just LOVE these kids and the time […]

In 1985, my dear Grant babe was 15 years old. Grant got into sports (and probably girls), he went away to college and got a job. Since then, not much has changed in the bedroom where he grew up. Grant hasn’t spent too much time in his old room. And thankfully, neither has anyone else. […]

We took a trip through the Caribbean Sea in December with 4 good friends. And actually got to sail THROUGH the Panama Canal! We sailed to The Bahamas…Curacao…Aruba…Cartagena, Columbia…Panama…and finally,  Costa Rica! Taking my count to 19 countries. I remember learning about the Panama Canal in high school social studies class, but to actually be […]

Christmas is the best time of year! I hope you all got to share some great quality time with family and loves. I’ve been so fortunate this year and I count my blessings every single day. We got to spend Christmas in Omaha with my parents, brother, and 5 kiddos. At times chaotic but thinking […]






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