A healthy detox

For the past 7 days, I’ve been participating in a healthy detox, suggested by my friend Kristi Baer. It’s pretty much consumed my life – and in the best way! So I wanted to share my experience…and a recipe!

Kristi’s Facebook page can be found here (she may do this again, you should follow her)!

Before this, I thought of detoxing as consuming yucky juices, starving yourself, and other non-mentionables. But this  was totally different! Yes, it’s meant to take toxins out of your body (and it does). But for me, it was more about getting more vitamins/minerals and introducing more vegetables into my diet. I did not go into this hoping to loose weight (although I did loose about 3 lbs in 7 days). I also made the best salmon I’ve ever tasted – just from experimenting with the food permitted on this plan.

The detox itself was created by Dr. Hyman, who’s goal is to make people understand how quick and delicious it is to create health in your life and to turn away from chronic disease.  I love that!

If you’re interested in this detox, here’s Dr. Hyman’s plan HERE!

Here’s my favorite part of the meal plan – the breakfast shake! It’s super yummy and so filling! I drank the shake around 8am every morning and stayed satisfied to well after 1p.m.

Here is the complete shake recipe HERE!

First of all, you need some kind of blender.


The day before, buy all of your ingredients:

(I had to replenish after 3 days)

1 Bag Frozen Cranberries or Raspberries

1 Bag Frozen Wild Blueberries

3 Avocados

3 Lemons

Hemp Seeds

Chia Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Unsweetened Almond Milk

Almond Butter (my new favorite!)


The avocado adds texture and I believe it’s what keeps you full for so long!

shake-3I like unsweetened VANILLA almond milk.

If you haven’t tasted almond butter yet, try it! It’s so so yummy!


Make sure you buy extra virgin coconut oil!

HERE are more uses for this amazing invention.shake-12

Put all of your ingredients into the blender, add water and watch the magic happen!shake-11shake-13

Squirt some lemon into the blender…shake-15

Blend once more and ENJOY!shake-14

 One of the best parts was the support group Kristi set up on Facebook.  This was so necessary – I always knew I could go there and vent my frustrations to a group of gals who was feeling the same. It helped so much! We also reported little victories. So if you decide to do something like this, I highly recommend doing it with a group of like-minded ladies.

I never realized how hard it was to QUIT SUGAR! I concluded that my body was highly addicted to it. I’m not talking about candy bars. Sugar is in almost everything we eat. There is no wonder why there’s an obesity epidemic in America (I won’t go into my research about what sugar does to your body). My cravings for sugar were out of control. But with the help of my little group and some strong will power, I got over them (for the most part).

I feel so awesome after these last 7 days that I’m going to keep with this program…I plan to modify it to be realistic for a long term healthy lifestyle.

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